Tickets to most events are available by calling or visiting the venue's box office and website or through the following ticket agencies:

You can buy tickets for events at most large venues by phone, online, or in person at the Verizon Center and other select locations.

This web-based organization sells discount tickets for select theater and performing arts events throughout Metro D.C.

Reservations for many larger events around town are available online.

Events Information

For information on events in D.C., the best listings are found at the Washington Post Going Out Guide ( and the free weekly Washington CityPaper ( Other events listings are found in the daily "Guide to the Lively Arts" and the Friday "Weekend" sections in the Washington Post, and the "City Lights" section in the monthly Washingtonian magazine. For theater and other arts activities, you can also check out Theatre Washington (, which keeps a weekly listing of theatrical performances, and the Culture Capital ( DCist (, a popular local blog, the MD Theatre Guide (, and DC Theatre Scene ( post daily on D.C. events.