Seemingly overnight, Capitol Hill has become a hot location. Great new restaurants and bars match time-tested steadies, allowing nighttime crowds to enjoy food from celebrity chefs and then dance away the night or relax in a casual dive bar. A four-block area in the H Street Corridor, known as the Atlas District, is home to some great music venues and plenty of D.C.’s new hipster bars. Keep in mind, though, that the H Street area is not easily accessed by public transport, so be ready to take a cab. 

Northeast's industrial environment can be intimidating, and caution is warranted for safety reasons. Make use of the premium parking—for about $20—that will put you close to the entrance. Even parking a few blocks away on neighborhood streets is risky at night. Taxis are another good option.


  • The Tombs

    The Tombs

    1226 36th St. NW 202-337–6668
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