• South Side

    The majority of Santa Feans live in the South Side, which encompasses a vast stretch of relatively level mesa land.... Read More
  • The Plaza

    Much of the history of Santa Fe, New Mexico, the Southwest, and even the West has some association with Santa Fe's... Read More
  • East Side and Canyon Road

    Once a trail used by indigenous people to access water and the lush forest in the foothills east of town, then... Read More
  • West of the Plaza

    Although most of downtown’s commercial activity beyond the Plaza extends south and east, a handful of notable restaurants,... Read More
  • Museum Hill

    What used to be the outskirts of town became the site of gracious, neo-Pueblo style homes in the mid-20th century,... Read More
  • Old Santa Fe Trail and South Capitol

    It was along the Old Santa Fe Trail that wagon trains from Missouri rolled into town in the 1820s, forever changing... Read More
  • North Side

    You’ll find some of Santa Fe’s prettiest scenery on the hilly north side of town, which extends from the Sangre... Read More
  • Railyard District

    The most significant development in Santa Fe in recent years has taken place in the Railyard District, a neighborhood... Read More