San Diego’s Spanish and Mexican roots are most evident in Old Town and the surrounding hillside of Presidio Park. Visitors can experience settlement life in San Diego from Spanish and Mexican rule to the early days of U.S. statehood. Nearby Uptown is composed of several smaller neighborhoods near downtown and around Balboa Park: the vibrant neighborhoods of Hillcrest, Mission Hills, University Heights, North Park and South Park showcase their unique blend of historical charm and modern urban community.

  • North Park

    Named for its location north of Balboa Park, this evolving neighborhood is home to an exciting array of restaurants,...Read More
  • Hillcrest

    The large retro Hillcrest sign over the intersection of University and 5th avenues makes an excellent landmark...Read More
  • University Heights

    Tucked between Hillcrest and North Park, this small but charming neighborhood is centered on Park Boulevard. The...Read More
  • Mission Hills

    The route from Old Town to Hillcrest passes through the historic neighborhood of Mission Hills with its delightful...Read More
  • Mission Valley

    Although Mission Valley’s charms may not be immediately apparent, it offers many conveniences to visitors and residents...Read More
  • Old Town

    As the first European settlement in Southern California, Old Town began to develop in the 1820s. However, its true...Read More