Most excursions run by City Sights include lunch at Brigham Young's historic living quarters. The Utah Heritage Foundation offers the most authoritative tours of Salt Lake's historic sights—the Kearns (Governor’s) Mansion, McCune Mansion, and Union Pacific Depot—and their regularly scheduled public tours are free. The Utah Heritage Foundation website has downloadable self-guided tours.

Tour Contacts

City Sights. A four-hour, 30-mile bus tour of the city includes all the major sights and many interesting lesser-known places you wouldn't necessarily find on your own, with a 30-minute organ recital at the Mormon Tabernacle and a stop for lunch in Brigham Young's Lion House. A 5½-hour tour also includes a Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert or rehearsal. Various other tours out of the city are available. They will pick up from some downtown hotels. 801/531–1001. 4-hr tour $50, includes entrance fees but not lunch; 5½-hr tour $55. 4-hr tour Mon.–Sat. 9 am; 5½-hr tour Thurs. at 4 pm or Sun. at 8:30 am.

Utah Heritage Foundation. Tours led by knowledgeable guides include a walking tour of the Marmalade Historic District. You'll need to book at least two weeks in advance, and the tour will only go ahead if at least 10 people sign up for it. Tours of individual historic buildings, including the Kearns Mansion, McCune Mansion, and the City and County Building are also available. 485 N. Canyon Rd., Temple Square, Salt Lake City, UT, 84103. 801/533–0858. Marmalade Historic District Tour $10; scheduled mansion tours free. Marmalade Historic District Tour Apr.–Oct. by arrangement; call for details of mansion tours.