Above the French Quarter and below the lakefront, neither Uptown nor quite downtown, Mid-City is primarily a working-class neighborhood, embracing everything from massive, lush City Park to storefronts along gritty Broad Street. Much of this area was low-lying swamp until the late 1800s, and you can still see where the high ground was, such as along the Esplanade Ridge (now Esplanade Avenue). These are the stretches with many of the largest historic homes, churches, and landmarks. Along Carrollton Avenue you can find everything from an old-school Italian ice-cream parlor to strips of inexpensive Central American restaurants. The neighborhood hosts more than a dozen festivals and celebrations a year, from block parties like Bayou Boogaloo to grand-scale mega-events like the Voodoo Experience. It's easy to discern which festival is approaching by the bright flags that spring up on people's porches.