With their tree-lined streets and avenues, neighborhood gathering places and historic landmarks, the Mid-City and Bayou St. John neighborhoods are decidedly more tranquil than their downtown counterparts. While you may not find "Huge-Ass Beers to Go" or music blaring out of every doorway here, you will find a quieter form of charm in the gardens, galleries, and lagoons of City Park, in the elaborately constructed tombs of the cemeteries, and on the tree-shaded patios and decks of the restaurants and cafés where you can listen to the church bells keep time as you relax with a cold drink.

  • Bayou St. John

    Just up Esplanade Avenue from the French Quarter, the Bayou St. John neighborhood is known for its beautiful shady... Read More
  • Mid-City

    Above the French Quarter and below the lakefront, neither Uptown nor quite downtown, Mid-City is primarily a working-class... Read More