The Faubourg Marigny (pronounced "FOE-berg MAR-ah-nee," and mostly just referred to as "The Marigny") is made up of two distinct sections. The Marigny Triangle is the trendy area, with the Frenchmen Street commercial district on the border of the French Quarter. Mazelike streets here are lined with beautiful cottages, Creole plantation homes, and charming guesthouses. You'll have no problem finding great restaurants, bars, music clubs, and hip shops. On the other side of Elysian Fields Avenue the Marigny Rectangle begins.

The Marigny is one of the earliest neighborhoods in the city, formed in 1805 when the young Bernard Xavier Philippe de Marigny de Mandeville embarked on what is now practically an American pastime—creating subdivisions. With architectural styles ranging from classic Creole cottages to Victorian mansions, the streets are mainly peaceful and the residents often bohemian—what the French Quarter used to be like 30 years ago.