Blessed by more than its fair share of sun, the southern shore of Haleakala was an undeveloped wilderness until the 1970s. Then the sun worshippers found it; now restaurants, condos, and luxury resorts line the coast from the world-class aquarium at Maalaea Harbor, through working-class Kihei, to lovely Wailea, a resort community rivaling its counterpart, Kaanapali, on West Maui. Farther south, the road disappears and unspoiled wilderness still has its way.

Because the South Shore includes so many fine beach choices, a trip here (if you’re staying elsewhere on the island) is an all-day excursion—especially if you include a visit to the aquarium. Get active in the morning with exploring and snorkeling, then shower in a beach park, dress up a little, and enjoy the cool luxury of the Wailea resorts. At sunset, settle in for dinner at one of the area’s many fine restaurants.

  • Wailea and Farther South

    The South Shore’s resort community, Wailea is slightly quieter and drier than its West Maui sister, Kaanapali.... Read More
  • Kihei

    9 miles south of Kahului; 20 miles east of Lahaina.Traffic lights and shopping malls may not fit your notion of... Read More
  • Maalaea

    Pronounced Mah-ah-lye-ah, this spot is not much more than a few condos, an aquarium, and a wind-blasted harbor... Read More