Taxi and Limo Travel

Don't even try to hail a cab on the street in Los Angeles. Instead, phone one of the many taxi companies. The metered rate is $2.70 per mi, plus a $2.85 per-fare charge. Taxi rides from LAX have an additional $2.50 surcharge. Be aware that distances between sights in L.A. are vast, so cab fares add up quickly. On the other end of the price spectrum, limousines come equipped with everything from a full bar and telephone to a hot tub. If you open any L.A.-area yellow pages, the number of limo companies will astound you. Most charge by the hour, with a three-hour minimum.

Limo Companies

ABC Limo (818/637–2277.

American Executive (800/927–2020.

Dav El Chauffeured Transportation Network (800/922–0343.

First Class Limousine Service (800/400–9771.

ITS (800/487–4255.

Taxi Companies

Beverly Hills Cab Co. (800/398–5221.

Checker Cab (800/300–5007.

United Independent Taxi (800/822–8294.

Yellow Cab Los Angeles (800/200–1085 or 877/733–3305.

Independent Cab Co. (800/521–8294.