On weekends and in high season, expect a long wait at the more popular restaurants. And expect to pay resort prices almost everywhere. Some restaurants are only open six out of 12 months a year; during the "shoulder seasons" (from April to May and September to November), some places may close temporarily or limit their hours, so call ahead. Also, check local papers for deals and discounts during this time, especially two-for-one coupons. Many casinos use their restaurants to attract gamblers. Marquees often tout "$8.99 prime rib dinners" or "$2.99 breakfast specials." Some of these meals are downright lousy and they are usually available only in the coffee shops and buffets, but at those prices, it's hard to complain. The finer restaurants in casinos deliver pricier food, as well as reasonable service and a bit of atmosphere. Unless otherwise noted, even the most expensive area restaurants welcome customers in casual clothes.


  • FiftyFifty Brewing Company

    FiftyFifty Brewing Company

    11197 Brockway Rd. 530-587–2337
  • Graham's of Squaw Valley

    Graham's of Squaw Valley

    1650 Squaw Valley Rd. 530-581–0454
  • Le Bistro

    Le Bistro

    120 Country Club Dr., #29 775-831–0800
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