Though the park itself has some excellent restaurants, don't miss dining in Jackson, where restaurants combine game, fowl, and fish with the enticing spices and sauces of European cuisine and the lean ingredients, vegetarian entrées, and meat cuts that reflect the desires of health-conscious diners. Steaks are usually cut from grass-fed Wyoming or Montana beef, but you'll also find buffalo and elk on the menu; poultry and pasta are offered by most restaurants, as are fresh salads and fish (trout, tilapia, and salmon are most common). Just about everywhere, you can order a burger or a bowl of homemade soup. Casual is the word for most dining both within and outside the park. An exception is Jenny Lake Lodge, where jackets and ties are recommended for dinner. Breakfast is big: steak and eggs, pancakes, biscuits and gravy; lunches are lighter, often taken in a sack to enjoy on the trail.