You can hail a cab on just about any busy street in Chicago. Hotel doormen will hail a cab for you as well. Cabs aren't all yellow anymore, but look for standard-size sedans or, in some cases, minivans. Available taxis are sometimes indicated by an illuminated rooftop light. Chicago taxis are metered, with fares beginning at $3.25 (including a $1 fuel surcharge) upon entering the cab and 20¢ for each additional 1/9 mile or 36 seconds of wait time. A charge of $1 is made for the first additional passenger and 50¢ for each additional passenger. There's no extra baggage or credit-card charge. Taxi drivers expect a 15% tip.

Taxi Companies

American United Cab Co. (773/248–7600.

Checker Taxi (312/243–2537.

Flash Cab (773/561–4444.

Yellow Cab (312/829–4222.