Cape Cod kitchens have long been closely associated with seafood—the waters off the Cape and Islands yield a bounty of lobsters, clams, oysters, scallops, and myriad fish that make their way onto local menus. In addition to the region's strong Portuguese influence, globally inspired and contemporary fare commonly flavor restaurant offerings. Also gaining in popularity is the use of locally—and often organically—raised produce, meat, and dairy.

Note that ordering an expensive lobster dinner may push your meal into a higher price category than this guide's price range shows for the restaurant.

You can indulge in fresh local seafood and clambakes at seat-yourself shanties for a lower price than at their fine-dining counterparts. Often, the tackier the style (plastic fish on the walls), the better the seafood. These laid-back local haunts usually operate a fish market on the premises and are in every town on the Cape.


  • Blackfish


    17 Truro Center Rd. 508-349–3399
  • The Optimist Café

    The Optimist Café

    134 Rte. 6A 508-362–1024
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