Start as early as sunrise for cool temperatures and some of the best natural light, and head out on the 3-mile round-trip hike on the Delicate Arch Trail. The route is strenuous but quite rewarding. Pause for a healthy snack before heading to Devils Garden, another great spot for morning photography, where you’ll also find the easy, primarily flat trail to Landscape Arch, the second of the park's two must-see arches. If you're accustomed to hiking, continue on to Double O, but be aware that this portion of the trail is strenuous. Along the way, picnic in the shade of a juniper or in a rock alcove. By the time you return you'll be ready to see the rest of the park by car, with some short strolls on easy paths.

In the mid- to late afternoon, drive to Balanced Rock for photos, then on to the Windows. Wander around on the easy gravel paths for more great photo ops. Depending on what time the sun is due to set, go into town for dinner before or after you drive out to Delicate Arch or the Fiery Furnace and watch the sun set the rocks on fire.