Albuquerque's social and commercial anchor since the settlement was established in 1706. Old Town and the surrounding blocks contain the wealth of the city's top cultural attractions, including several excellent museums. The action extends from the historic Old Town Plaza for several blocks in all directions—most of the museums are north and east of the plaza. In this area you'll also find a number of restaurants and scads of shops. The artsy Saw Mill and Wells Park/Mountain Road neighborhoods extend just east of Old Town's museum row; the Los Duranes section, where the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center commands attention, is just a bit beyond walking distance to the northeast of Old Town.

However, the IPCC runs an hourly courtesy shuttle (866/855–7902 from June through October on Fridays through Sundays, making for a pleasant 15-minute journey between Old Town and the museum.

From Old Town to Downtown, it's a rather drab (though quick) 1¼-mile bike ride, bus ride, walk, or drive southeast along Central Avenue.