Trinidad and Tobago are among the top 10 spots in the world in terms of the number of species of birds per square mile—more than 430, many living within pristine rain forests, lowlands and savannas, and fresh- and saltwater swamps. If you're lucky, you might spot the collared trogon, Trinidad piping guan (known locally as the common pawi), or rare white-tailed Sabrewing hummingbird. Restaurants often hang feeders outside on their porches, as much to keep the birds away from your food as to provide a chance to see them. Both the Asa Wright Nature Centre and Caroni Bird Sanctuary are major bird-watching destinations.

Point-a-Pierre Wildfowl Trust. This 26-acre haven for rare bird species is within the unlikely confines of a petrochemical complex; you must call in advance for a reservation. Petrotrin Complex, Point-a-Pierre, Trinidad. 868/658–4200 Ext. 2512.

Winston Nanan. Nanan, a self-taught ornithologist, knows the local fauna as well as his own children. He will arrange personal tours in his own car anywhere on the island. His business is based at the Caroni Bird Sanctuary, but his expertise makes a trip with him to the Northern Range or the northeast a must for just about any true bird-watcher. It won't be cheap (figure on $400–$500 a day), but the personal attention and his willingness to try to find rare species are well worth the expense. Trinidad. 868/645–1305.


The islands off the northwest coast of Trinidad have excellent waters for deep-sea fishing; you may find wahoo, kingfish, and marlin, to name a few. The ocean here was a favorite angling spot of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Bayshore Charters. Through Bayshore Charters you can fish for an afternoon or hire a boat for a weekend; the Melissa Ann is fully equipped for comfortable cruising, sleeps six, and has an air-conditioned cabin, a refrigerator, cooking facilities, and fishing equipment. Captain Sa Gomes is one of the most experienced charter captains on the islands. 29 Sunset Dr., Bayshore, Westmoorings, Trinidad. 868/637–8711.

Members of the Trinidad & Tobago Yacht Club may be willing to arrange a fishing trip for you.


St. Andrew's Golf Club. The best course in Trinidad is just outside Port of Spain. Picture a valley setting adorned with beautiful mature tropical trees and you get an idea of St. Andrews. Established in 1892, it qualifies as one of the region’s oldest layouts. As one might expect, this vintage course is not particularly long at 6,555 yards, but narrow tree-lined fairways and contoured putting surfaces place a premium upon accuracy and make it a sporting challenge. The most convenient tee times are available on weekdays. Golf shoes with soft spikes are required. Moka, Saddle Rd., Maraval, Port of Spain, Trinidad. 868/629–0066. $40 for 9 holes, $75 for 18 holes. 18 holes, 6555 yards, par 72.

Guided Tours

Although any taxi driver in Trinidad or Tobago can take visitors to the major attractions, using a tour company often makes for a more leisurely and educational adventure. Tour operators are also more mindful of the sensitivities of tourists and are much less likely to subject passengers to breakneck speeds and "creative" driving.

Banwari Experience. Andrew Welch and his knowledgable staff have numerous, customizable tour packages to serve your needs in T&T. They specialize in cultural experiences that immerse you in island customs, history, nature, and most of all food. A number of their tours reveal the best-kept secrets in Trinidad's dining scene. Mr. Welch has friends all over the island, and these friends are some of Trinidad's best chefs, artists, and adventurers. Individual and group tours as well as family packages are available, all at reasonable rates. Bourg Malatresse, Santa Cruz, Trinidad. 868/675–1619 or 868/624–8687.

Caribbean Discovery Tours Ltd.. Stephen Broadbridge's tours are completely personalized and can include both on- and offshore activities. Tours can range from the strenuous to the leisurely, with prices based on the duration of the expedition and the number of participants. 9B Fondes Amandes, St. Ann's, Port of Spain, Trinidad. 868/624–7281 or 868/620–1989.

Kalloo's. Tours from Kalloo's include a fascinating three-hour tour of Port of Spain as well as an overnight one devoted to turtle-watching. Piarco International Airport, Piarco, Trinidad. 868/669–5673 or 868/622–9073.

Sensational Tours & Transport. One of the best choices for island tours. The affable owner Gerard Nicholas worked for the tourist board for many years and knows the island intimately. Tour prices are reasonable, too. 47 Reservoir Rd., La Pastora, Santa Cruz, Trinidad. 868/702–4129 or 868/315–3652.