Police, Ambulance, and Fire (112 Europe-wide toll-free 24-hour switchboard for emergencies.)

Afdeling Inlichtingen Apotheken. The 24-hour help-line service Afdeling Inlichtingen Apotheken (apotheken means "pharmacy") can direct you to your nearest open pharmacy; there is a rotating schedule to cover evenings, nights, and weekends—details are also posted at your local apotheken, and in the city newspapers. 020/694–8709.

Centrale Doktersdienst. The Centrale Doktersdienst offers a 24-hour English-speaking help line providing advice about medical symptoms. 020/592–3434.

Directory Inquiries. In the case of minor accidents, phone the Directory Inquiries service to get the number for the outpatients' department at your nearest ziekenhuis (hospital). 0900/8008.

TBB. A 24-hour dental service that refers callers to a dentist (or tandarts), TBB also has operators that can give details of pharmacies open outside normal hours. 020/506–3841 or 0900/821–2230.

Central Number. For non-urgent police matters, call the central number. 0900/8844.

Police Headquarters. Amsterdam's police headquarters is at the crossing Marnixstraat/Elandsgracht and can be reached with Tramline 3, 7, 12, or 17.

For car breakdowns and other car-related emergencies, call the big automobile agency in the Netherlands, the ANWB.

Contacts in Amsterdam and the Netherlands

Medical Emergencies, Police, Fire, Accidents, and Ambulance (112.)

Hospitals in Amsterdam

For emergency treatment, the AMC and Sint Lucas Andreas hospitals have first-aid departments.


AMC (Academisch Medisch Centrum). The largest, most modern hospital serving Amsterdam and surroundings is the AMC (Academisch Medisch Centrum). It's actually outside the city proper, in the Holendrecht area. Meibergdreef 9, Amsterdam Zuidoost, 1105 AZ. 020/566–9111.

Sint Lucas Andreas Ziekenhuis. Located in the Geuzenveld district, the Sint Lucas Andreas Ziekenhuis is in the western part of Amsterdam. Jan Tooropstraat 164, Amsterdam, 1061 AE. 020/510–8911.

Slotervaart Ziekenhuis. This hospital is located in the southwestern part of the city. Louwesweg 6, Amsterdam, 1066 EC. 020/512–9333.

VU Medisch Centrum. The VU Medisch Centrum is a university teaching hospital in the Buitenveldert area. De Boelelaan 1117, Amsterdam, 1081 HV. 020/444–4444.