Many travel agencies in Phuket offer half-day tours of the area, and this is the way most travelers see the park. Another option is to take a bus heading north from Phuket Town (B120) to one of two inlets near the town of Phang Nga, where you can hire a longtail boat and explore at your own pace, but unless you speak Thai or are intrepid, this is likely to be more of a hassle than it's worth. At the western inlet, you can rent a boat for about B1,800 for two hours. The second inlet sees fewer foreign tourists, so the prices are better—about B1,200 for three hours. The bay can also be explored via tour boat, speedboat, or sea canoe. Most tourists don't arrive from Phuket until 11 am, so if you get into the bay earlier, you can explore it in solitude. To get an early start, you may want to stay overnight in the area. Be sure to take time to appreciate the sunsets, which are particularly beautiful on the island of Koh Mak.