Flying is the easiest way to get here from Bangkok. Thai Airways, Bangkok Airways, and Air Asia all have daily flights to Krabi International Airport. One-way prices from Bangkok range from B1,000 to B3,500; the flight takes about an hour.

The airport is a 20-minute ride from Krabi Town, and there are taxis (B300) and minibuses (B150) waiting outside the airport. These vehicles can also take you to other nearby (and not-so-nearby) beach areas. Minivans don't leave until they're full, which can happen quickly or after a long wait. Your best bet is to check in with the minivans first to make sure you get a seat if one is about to depart—if not, you can opt for a taxi. Another, more recent transport addition, is the regular bus service to and from Krabi Town. The bus departs hourly (B100) from 6 am and runs throughout the day until 10 pm.