The area code for St. Lucia is 758. You can make direct-dial overseas and interisland calls from St. Lucia, and the connections are excellent. You can charge an overseas call to a major credit card with no surcharge; from public phones and many hotels, dial 811 to charge the call to your credit card. Some hotels charge a small fee (usually about EC$1) for local calls. Many retail outlets sell phone cards to use for either local or international calls from any touch-tone telephone (including pay phones) in St. Lucia. Your cell phone will likely work in St. Lucia, but the international roaming charges are expensive. Your U.S. service provider may offer reasonable short-term international talk, text, and data plans. Also, be sure to turn off the "data roaming" feature on your phone when traveling internationally, as the application updates that continuously occur in the background whenever your phone is turned on are prohibitively expensive if you’re not in a Wi-Fi environment.