Bilbao Paso a Paso. Bilbao Paso a Paso organizes walking tours, guided visits to the Guggenheim, gastronomical tours around the city, and excursions to nearby sites. Calle Egaña 17, 5th fl., office 4, Casco Viejo, Bilbao, 48010. 944/153892; From €175 for ½-day (4 hrs).

Bilbao Turísmo. Weekend guided tours, in English and Spanish, are conducted by the tourist office. The Casco Viejo tour starts at 10 am at the ground floor of the main tourist office on the Plaza Circular. The Ensanche and Abandoibarra tour begins at noon from the tourist office to the left of the Guggenheim entrance. Both tours last 90 minutes. Pl. Circular 1, El Ensanche, Bilbao, 48001. 944/795760; €4.50.

Bilboats. One- and two-hour boat tours take you downstream from Plaza Pío Baroja the city center, passing some of Bilbao's iconic buildings and bridges. Customized day trips can also be arranged. Pl. Pío Baroja, Bilbao, 48001. 94/642–4157; From €12.