• Kremlin-Red Square

    Few places in the world possess the historic resonance of the Kremlin, the walled ancient heart of Moscow and...Read More
  • Kitai Gorod

    Kitai Gorod, with its winding streets, is the oldest section of Moscow outside the Kremlin. The literal translation...Read More
  • Arbat

    Two of downtown Moscow's most important avenues are the Arbat (also known as the Stary Arbat, or Old Arbat) and...Read More
  • Eastern Outskirts

    There are three ancient monasteries along the banks of the Moskva River, in the southeast section of Moscow. They...Read More
  • Ulitsa Bolshaya Nikitskaya

    Bolshaya Nikitskaya is one of the many old streets radiating from the Kremlin, spokelike, just like ulitsa Tverskaya...Read More
  • Ulitsa Tverskaya

    As the line of the road that led from the northern tip of the Kremlin to the ancient town of Tver, ulitsa Tverskaya...Read More
  • Western Outskirts

    Within easy reach of half-day excursions, the emblematic Russian countryside offers majestic museums and parks....Read More
  • Kropotkinsky District

    This picturesque old neighborhood is known as the Kropotkinsky District after the famous Russian anarchist Prince...Read More
  • Zamoskvoreche

    Zamoskvoreche ("beyond the Moskva River") applies to the southern area of the old city opposite the Kremlin. Until...Read More
  • Southern Outskirts

    South of the city center are some of Moscow's most notable holy sites. The New Maiden's Convent, southwest of the...Read More
  • Northern Outskirts

    Easily accessible to both the city center and as a starting point for any side trips to Moscow environs, the northern...Read More