Ferries across the Rio Tejo are run by Transtejo, from terminals at Belém, Cais do Sodre, and Terreiro do Paço. They offer unique views of Lisbon, and their top decks are a nice way to catch the sun. The €1.20 (loaded onto a 50-cent electronic card) passenger ticket for the prettiest trip, on the car ferry between Belém and Cacilhas, contrasts favorably with the €15–€20 price of the Transtejo cruises that depart daily between April and October, one at 3 pm from Terreiro do Paço and the other at 11:15 from Terreiro do Paço and at 11:30 and 4:30 from Cais do Sodré.

Ferry Contact

Transtejo (808/882–4674; 21/0422417 Cruises.