• Alcantara and Belem

    The old port district of Alcântara got a face-lift in the 1990s, and since then it has been a nightlife hub, as...Read More
  • Baixa

    The earthquake of 1755, the massive tidal wave, and subsequent fires killed thousands of people and reduced 18th-century...Read More
  • Parque das Nacoes

    To prepare for the World Exposition in 1998, Lisbon's officials wisely kept in mind not only the immediate needs...Read More
  • Chiado and Bairro Alto

    West of Baixa is the fashionable shopping district of Chiado. Although a calamitous 1988 fire destroyed much of...Read More
  • Lapa

    Lapa is a quiet residential neighborhood with several chic eateries and one of Lisbon's most renowned casas de...Read More
  • The Modern City

    The attractions of 19th- to 21st-century Lisbon are as diverse as they are far-flung. Near the large square Praça...Read More
  • Alfama

    In the Alfama district, narrow, twisting streets and soaring flights of steps wind up to an imposing castle on...Read More
  • Cais do Sodre and Santos

    Taking its name from a once-busy river quay, the Cais do Sodré neighborhood remains a transportation hub. Trains...Read More
  • Sao Bento

    Downhill to the west of Bairro Alto is the São Bento neighborhood, dominated by the former monastery—now the Assembly...Read More