In the country’s culinary capital, foodie pleasures are everywhere: from simple food stalls and cafés to gourmet Moroccan fare in ancient palaces, traditional Moroccan recipes given a contemporary twist by innovative chefs, and French- and Mediterranean-influenced dishes. For something quick and filling, you can always grab a 10 DH bowl of cumin-laced pea or bean soup at one of the many stands and stalls near the medina's main food markets just inside Bab Boujeloud, or take a sightseeing break with a honey-laden pastry and some fresh mint tea. For a heartier meal, there’s grilled meat, slow-cooked tagines, and vegetable-topped couscous. Taste Fassi specialties on a fascinating street-food tour, and don’t leave without sampling pigeon pastilla, a heavenly combination of sweet and sour flavors. It’s often made with chicken nowadays, but the Ruined Garden, in the medina, will cook the authentic dish to order with a day’s notice.