Compagnie des Autobus de Monaco operates a bus line that threads the avenues of Monaco. Purchase your ticket on board for €2; or save 50 cents a ticket by buying in advance from an agent, a machine, or online. They also operate a solar electric boat from Quai des États-Unis to the casino (there's an elevator at Parking du Pécheurs); it runs daily from 8 to 8 (€2).

The Conseil Général has an express bus that connects Place des Moulins in Monaco with Vauban station in Nice (past the Palais des Expostions); tickets for the 100X (express bus) cost €4, but run only Monday to Friday. The Lignes d'Azur 100 bus costs €1.50 and leaves from the Ségurane stop at Place Garibaldi in Nice—but be prepared for a long ride, as it takes about two hours. A very popular mode of transport to the Principality, the 100 is often full, so it's best to take it directly from Nice or Monaco; otherwise it will drive right by you, no matter how frantically you wave. Info for both can be found on the same website.

Bus Information

Compagnie des Autobus de Monaco (377/97–70–22–22.

Lignes d'Azur (04–93–85–64–44.