At this writing, the tiny international airport in Palenque was closed. If you want to fly here from the United States, your best bet is the daily flight between Houston and Villahermosa on Continental. Otherwise you're going to connect in Mexico City or another hub. Taxis from Villahermosa's airport can also drive you straight to Palenque for $80. ADO GL buses travel from Palenque to Ocosingo, San Cristóbal, and Tuxtla. If you can't get a first-class bus, many of the same destinations can be reached on the second-class buses operated by Transportes Rodolfo Figueroa, a few doors away from the main bus terminal. If driving from San Cristóbal, Carretera 199 heads north through Ocosingo to Palenque; this twisting, turning road nearly ties itself into a knot along the way.