Zipolite lovers like to brag that this beach is what Puerto Escondido was 20 years ago, but that mantra doesn't even do justice to Zipolite's singular charm. No longer dismissed as just the home of a nudist beach, the town now has delicious international food and creative cocktails served in some of Mexico's most beautiful beachfront environments. When you're not sipping a cocktail or soaking up the sun, you can choose from activities such as yoga or fishing on this idyllic stretch of sand just west of Puerto Ángel.

What actual sights to see are in Mazunte, a beach community about 8 km (5 mi) west of Zipolite. Many people come to see the turtle museum. Indeed, the turtle has been a part of Mazunte's history for a long time—the word "mazunte" itself evolved from the Nahuatl word maxontetia, which means "please lay eggs." Mazunte also has affordable hotel options.

Between Zipotle and Mazunte is San Augustinillo, an area with several hotels as well as a fantastic, swimmable beach (just mind the sometimes strong currents) and good fishing. Body boarders and surfers find it is easier to surf here than in nearby Zipolite.

In general, though, the whole area has displayed a remarkable resistance to any kind of high-rise development, or even any establishments that provide air conditioning or hot water. Don't expect to use a credit card anywhere, and the nearest ATM is 20 minutes away in Pochutla—the closest thing to a regional hub with amenities like banks and supermarkets. Perhaps these are the reasons for the alluring sense of isolation.