Aeropuerto Internacional Rafael Buelna is about 25 km (18 miles) south of town—a good 30-minute drive. A private taxi from the airport will cost about $26. Mazatlán's main bus terminal offers connections north to the U.S. border, inland to Guadalajara and Mexico City, and south along the coast to Puerto Vallarta. When taking city buses, look for sábalo centro above the front window to get from the Zona Dorada to Viejo Mazatlán. Fares range from 40¢ for the tanklike minibuses to 80¢ for bigger, air-conditioned models (look for the bright green buses). Taxis regularly cruise the Zona Dorada strip. Even easier to flag down (though usually more expensive) are the white, open-sided pulmonías; the fare starts at about $3 for a really short trip. It'll cost $6–$10 to get from the Zona Dorada to the Centro Histórico—always negotiate the fare before you get in.