• Eastern Kyoto

    East of the Kamogawa River, in the neighborhoods known as Higashiyama (literally, Eastern Mountain) and Okazaki,...Read More
  • Central Kyoto

    The two major sights in central Kyoto are the opulent Nijo Castle and the more modest Imperial Palace. The latter...Read More
  • Northern Kyoto

    The mountain, Hiei-zan, and the Ohara region are the focal points in the northern suburbs of Kyoto. For several...Read More
  • Arashiyama

    Beyond the city is the semirural hillside area of Arashiyama, which lies along and above the banks of the Oi-gawa...Read More
  • Western Kyoto

    Western Kyoto's most iconic sights are the opulent golden temple at Kinkaku-ji and the dazzling rock garden at...Read More
  • Southern Kyoto

    The most interesting southern Kyoto sights are three religious structures: Tofuku-ji, Fushimi-Inari Taisha, and...Read More