Venice's primary public transportation is the vaporetto (water bus). A single ticket costs €7 and is good for 60 minutes one way; a ticket to take the vaporetto one stop across the Grand Canal is €4. A better option is a Travel Pass: €18 for 12 hours, €20 for 24 hours, €35 for 72 hours, and €50 for a week of unlimited travel. Tickets are available at main vaporetto stops and at some tobacconists. Line information is posted at each landing. If you board without a valid ticket, ask immediately to buy one to avoid a €59 fine.

Hiring a gondola is fun but not a practical way to get around. The price of a 40-minute ride is €80 for up to six passengers, increasing to €100 between 7:30 pm and 8 am. Agree on cost and duration of the ride beforehand.

Traghettos are gondolas that cross the Grand Canal at strategic points along the waterway. A one-stop traghetto crossing takes just a few minutes—it’s customary to stand—and can be a lot more convenient than using one of the few bridges over the waterway. A one-stop ride costs €2 for tourists (it's cheaper for residents).

Finding your way around Venice by foot is complicated. Figure out which landmark your destination is near and then get directions from that point.