The port of Livorno has good cruise facilities, including car-rental offices, ticket and information offices, and a bar. It is near the heart of the town, just a few blocks from Livorno's central area. The railway station is 3 km (2 miles) from the port, and the number 1 city bus will get you there for very little money. One option is to take a taxi, but the price of about €25 is an exorbitant fare for just 3 km of travel—it’s best to carpool to save on expense Better is to take a shuttle into the center of the city (Piazza del Municipio) and then Bus #1 or #2 from nearby Piazza Grande (in front of the Cathedral) to the train station; this option costs €1.20.

Trains from Livorno to Florence currently run once per hour throughout the day. The journey time is about 90 minutes. Prices are about €18 (this was at press time; given that train fares rise several times a year, it’s safe to assume that it will be higher). From Livorno it is just a 15-minute train journey to Pisa, at a price of about €2.50 if you take the treno regionale (the commuter train); Intercities cost significantly more; from Pisa Central Station take a train to San Rossore, from where it is a five-minute walk to the Leaning Tower area, or simply take a 15-minute walk to get you there. If you buy tickets on Trenitalia's (Italian railways') website (, you can print them out at self-service machines in Livorno station.

Taxis are expensive, charging €3.20 initially, then an additional charge per km (½-mile) and a surcharge when traffic moves slowly or when you call for a taxi. Car rental would give you greater flexibility to explore Tuscany, but if you are going only to Florence, then a train will be better, since parking is difficult in Florence. Rentals are approximately €45 per day for a compact manual vehicle.