• Segesta

    Segesta is the site of one of Sicily's most impressive temples, constructed on the side of a windswept barren hill... Read More
  • Ragusa

    Ragusa and Modica are the two chief cities in Sicily's smallest and sleepiest province, and the centers of a region... Read More
  • Enna

    Deep in Sicily's interior, the fortress city of Enna (altitude 2,844 feet) commands exceptional views of the surrounding... Read More
  • Acireale

    Acireale sits amid a clutter of rocky pinnacles and lush lemon groves. The craggy coast is known as the Riviera... Read More
  • Cefalu

    The coast between Palermo and Messina is dotted with charming villages. Tindari (which dates back to the early-Christian... Read More
  • Piazza Armerina

    A quick look around the fanciful town of Piazza Armerina is rewarding—it has a provincial warmth, and the crumbling... Read More
  • Agrigento

    Agrigento owes its fame almost exclusively to its ancient Greek temples—though it was also the birthplace of playwright... Read More
  • Mt. Etna

    The first time you see Mt. Etna, whether she's trailing clouds of smoke or emitting fiery streaks of lava, is certain... Read More
  • Salina

    The second largest of the Aeolians, Salina is also the most fertile—which accounts for its excellent malvasia dessert... Read More
  • Catania

    The chief wonder of Catania, Sicily's second city, is that it's there at all. Its successive populations were deported... Read More
  • Monreale

    Only a short drive from Palermo, the sleepy town of Monreale is well worth the effort just to see the spectacular... Read More
  • Castelmola

    Although many believe that Taormina has the most spectacular views, tiny Castelmola, floating 1,800 feet above... Read More
  • Messina

    Messina's ancient history lists a series of disasters, but the city nevertheless managed to develop a fine university... Read More
  • Lipari

    The largest and most developed of the Aeolians, Lipari welcomes you with distinctive pastel-color houses. Fields... Read More
  • Erice

    Perched 2,450 feet above sea level, Erice is an enchanting medieval mountaintop aerie of palaces, fountains, and... Read More
  • Stromboli

    This northernmost of the Aeolians consists entirely of the cone of an active volcano. The view from the sea—especially... Read More
  • Palermo

    Once the intellectual capital of southern Europe, Palermo has always been at the crossroads of civilization. Favorably... Read More
  • Taormina

    The medieval cliffside town of Taormina is overrun with tourists, yet its natural beauty is still hard to dispute.... Read More
  • Filicudi

    Just a dot in the sea, Filicudi is famous for its unusual volcanic rock formations and the enchanting Grotta del... Read More
  • Panarea

    Panarea has some of the most dramatic scenery of the islands: wild caves carved out of the rock and dazzling flora.... Read More
  • Marsala

    Marsala is readily associated with the world-famous, richly colored fortified wine named after it, and your main... Read More
  • Siracusa

    Siracusa, known to English speakers as Syracuse, is a wonder to behold. One of the great ancient capitals of Western... Read More
  • Trapani

    On Sicily’s west coast, Trapani is said to have been formed when the goddess Demeter, searching for her kidnapped... Read More
  • Selinunte

    Numerous Greek temple ruins perch on a plateau overlooking an expanse of the Mediterranean at Selinunte (or Selinus).... Read More
  • Caltagirone

    Built over three hills, this charming Baroque town is a center of Sicily's ceramics industry. Here you can find... Read More