Olbia is the main cruise port in northern Sardinia. Ships dock at Isola Bianca, a mile or so from the town center. The port's Stazione Marittima holds a bar and a restaurant, car-rental agencies, and a place to leave luggage. Shuttle buses are available for the short trip to the center; otherwise it takes a 15-minute walk, a brief ride by city bus (No. 9), or a trip via train, which runs infrequently. Taxis are also on hand if you wish to venture farther afield.

Some ships stop at Porto Torres, in the northwest, where there is a shuttle service to the town center, though you’ll find less in the way of shops and services there. If you have time, your best option is to take a bus or hire a taxi to Alghero, about an hour away, or Sassari, half an hour away, to reach museums, shops, and good restaurants. Renting a car gives you the greatest freedom; rental prices for a compact manual vehicle start at €60 per day.