• Esquilino and Celio

    Rome's most sprawling hill—the Esquiline—lies at the edge of the tourist maps, another Rome. Even Imperial Rome...Read More
  • Aventino, Testaccio, and Coloseo

    Rising like a massive headland above the Tiber, the Aventine Hill is the one area in Rome where trills of birdsong...Read More
  • Villa Borghese, Piazza del Popolo, and Flaminio

    If beautiful masterpieces are as common as bricks in Rome, parks are far rarer. Happily, although you'll find...Read More
  • Piazza Navona, Campo de' Fiori, and the Jewish Ghetto

    The area around Piazza Navona, Campo de’ Fiori, and the Jewish Ghetto is one of the city’s most beautiful, liveliest,...Read More
  • Piazza Di Spagna

    In spirit, and in fact, this area of Rome is grandiose. The overblown Vittoriano monument, the labyrinthine treasure-chest...Read More
  • Monti, Esquilino, Celio, and the Via Appia Antica

    Several neighborhoods come together here, just north of the Roman forum and Colosseum. They range from the bustling,...Read More
  • Trastevere

    New York has its Greenwich Village, and Rome has its Trastevere (literally, "across the Tiber"). In Trastevere's...Read More
  • Aventino and Testaccio

    While Romans consider these neighborhoods central, they are off the beaten path just enough to be little-known...Read More
  • Repubblica and Quirinale

    Just west of Rome's modern Termini train station, this area offers an extraordinary Roman blend of old and new....Read More
  • The Vatican

    For many, a visit to the Vatican is one of the top reasons to visit Rome, and it is a vast and majestic place,...Read More
  • Ancient Rome

    If you ever wanted to feel like the Caesars—with all of ancient Rome (literally) at your feet—simply head to Michelangelo's...Read More