Many outfitters provide boat tours of the island—you can also hire your own speedboat. If time is short, catch a tour on a larger, quicker, and sometimes more fun-packed boat—some operators offer guided tours, with a lively combination of anecdotes (and folk songs!) to accompany you throughout: Proffer a gratuity of a euro or two if you are happy with the trip.

Note: Giro passengers often have to purchase separate tickets (€12.50) to use the rowboats that tour the Blue Grotto. Check when signing up for your giro cruise.

Banana Sport. This popular outfitter offers speedboats starting at €90 for a minimum two-hour rental. A skipper can be requested if you don't wish to navigate. Spiaggia Pontile Privato, Capri, 80073. 081/8375188.

Capri Boats. Those wanting to experience the "Capri moon" over the Faraglioni, nighttime fishing expeditions, and an array of gozzo tours should contact this outfitter. Via Largo Fontana 53, Marina Grande, Capri, 80073. 081/19726872.

Capri Relax Boats. One of the best and most stylish of the outfitters, Capri Relax has a really comprehensive range of tours. The island tour will take you into caves that larger boats can't reach, and their flexibility allows you to decide the itinerary. Via Cristoforo Colombo 34, Marina Grande, Capri, 80073. 331/6084109.

Capri Sea Service. A wide panoply of options are offered, from gozzo tours to specialized diving trips. Via Cristoforo Colombo 64, Marina Grande, Capri, 80073. 081/8378781.

Capri Time Boats. This suave operator not only offers island tours but goes beyond to the Amalfi Coast and islands in the bay. Via Cristoforo Colombo 34, Marina Grande, Capri, 80073. 329/2149811.

Capri Whales. These tours are virtually living island history, as owner Gennarino Alberino was one of the divers who unearthed the ancient marble statues found in the Blue Grotto. Each of his boats is furnished with freshwater showers and iceboxes. Gennarino's knowledge of the island is encyclopedic, and few others can match it. Via Cristoforo Colombo 17, Marina Grande, Capri. 081/8375833.

Laser Capri. For those who want to make a tour on a larger, sturdier sightseeing boat, Laser has a fleet of larger ships that can take up to 100 people. Tickets cost €17 for a full-island tour (add €12.50 for the row boat to the Blue Grotto).Their ticket booth is just past the main funicular station landing. Via Cristoforo Colombo 69, Marina Grande, Capri, 80073. 081/8375208.

Leomar. Based on the beach at Marina Grande next to the bus stop, Leomar offers hourly and full-day speedboat rentals starting at €35–€45 per hour, six people maximum. They also have a 12-meter yacht at €800 per day. Spiaggia Marina Grande, Capri, 80073.

Motoscafisti Capri. With offices right on the dock at Marina Grande, this cooperative of gozzo boat owners offers three set tours that leave on the hour. Admission is €12–€14 depending on choice of tour; maximum number is 10 people per boat. Their "Blue" and "Yellow" tours include the Blue Grotto. Via Provinciale 282, Capri, 80073. 081/8377714.