Light Rail Travel

Jerusalem’s single light rail line, an efficient way to navigate parts of central Jerusalem, begins at Pisgat Zeev in the north and runs via French Hill and the Damascus Gate along Jaffa Street to the Central Bus Station. It then heads southwest over the Bridge of Strings and terminates at Mt. Herzl. The trains operate Sunday to Thursday between 5:30 am and midnight; service ceases Friday at 2:15 pm, resuming on Saturday at 6 pm. A single ticket can be purchased from machines at each station and allows unlimited rides on city buses and trains for 90 minutes. However, there aren’t enough machines, and they’re difficult to use. It's easier to purchase a ticket on a bus and then use it for the train as well. If you're staying for more than a couple of days, buy a Rav-Kav multiticket for bus and train from the Central Bus Station. A photo ID is required for purchase.


Jerusalem Light Rail (073/210–0601.