Bus Travel

Taking the bus from Ben Gurion Airport to Jerusalem is cheap but slow. Board the Egged shuttle (line 5, fare NIS 5.5) for a 10-minute ride to the Ben Gurion Airport El Al Junction, and wait for the Egged bus (line 947, fare NIS 24). It drops you off at Jerusalem's Central Bus Station. An easier, but often tediously long, alternative is taking one of the 10-seat sherut taxis (limo-vans). They depart from Ben Gurion Airport as soon as they fill up and drop you at any Jerusalem address for NIS 62.

Egged operates the extensive bus service within Jerusalem. The fare is NIS 6.60 for 90 minutes of travel on all buses and the light rail within the city; you don’t need exact change. A cab is more time-effective and for a group often more cost-effective as well. Egged operates Route 99, a two-hour circle tour of Jerusalem for visitors with 24 stops. The route begins at the Central Bus Station; the cost is NIS 60 for one full trip or NIS 80 for hop on/hop off. Intercity buses travel all over the country from the Central Bus Station. Buses leave every 10 minutes for Tel Aviv and the fare is NIS 30.60 round-trip. Buying tickets at the counter is time-consuming and confusing. Buy your ticket or round-trip to Tel Aviv at the platform or on the bus.

Bus Contacts

Bein Harim Tours. Half-day Jerusalem orientation tours include a panoramic view of the Old City and a close-up view of the highlights. Except for Saturday, full-day tours usually add the Holocuast museum at Yad Vashem (although many visitors prefer to do this museum on their own so they can see it at their own pace). The price includes pick-up from major hotels. 03/542–2000. NIS 48–NIS 89.