Chios Tours. This full-service travel agency can help you make all arrangements for travel in Greece or even Turkey, including in Chios, where you can book accommodations, car rentals, and tours. Aigeou, waterfront, Kokkali 4, Chios Town, Chios, 82100. 22710/29444.

Masticulture. Masticulture in Chios orients visitors to a hearty perspective of local traditional life; organizing everything from walking tours, cooking classes, tending mastic trees, grape pressing, and offering original accommodations to suit every taste, they are happy to provide plugged-in tips on what to see and do locally. They stand out among other travel agencies for nicely providing what eclectic travelers are looking for today. Mesta, Chios. 22710/76084.

Pandora Travel Lesbos. Pandora is a reliable tour operator on Lesvos, catering to both the cruise-ship crowd on the island for a few hours as well as to other tourists who may be on the island for a longer time. Agora, Lisvori, Lesvos. 22520/42080 or 69/8672–9992.

Petra Tours. Petra Tours, located in Petra, just south of Molyvos, plans bird-watching, botanical, walking, and scuba-diving excursions. Petra, Lesvos, 81109. 22530/41390 or 22530/42011.

Travel Services Lesvos. This company is a full-service tour and travel agency that can sell you a guided tour as well as make other travel arrangements, including accommodations, car rentals, and ferry tickets. Kountouriotou 69, Mytilini, Lesvos, 81100. 22510/21966 or 22510/41464.