Even if they have the time, many people avoid the 8- to 10-hour ferry ride from Athens and fly, which takes less than an hour. Olympic Air (now a subsidiary of Aegean Airways) has at least a dozen flights a week (3 to 4 daily) from Athens to Lesvos and Chios in summer and at least four daily flights to Samos. Aegean Airlines flies once per day from Athens to Chios. There are several Olympic Air flights a week from Chios to Lesvos, Limnos, Rhodes, and Thessaloniki; and several a week from Lesvos to Chios, Limnos, and Thessaloniki. From Samos there are several weekly Olympic flights to Limnos, Rhodes, and Thessaloniki; there are few flights (usually only one per week) between Samos and the other northern islands. Overbooking is not uncommon; if you have a reservation, you should be entitled to a free flight if you get bumped.