With its futuristic architecture, Munich’s 2009-finished Central Bus Terminal (ZOB) means that many excursions and longer trips are now centralized five minutes from the main train station. As well as numerous shops and banks, travel firms offer bus tickets and destination advice at the ZOB.

Touring Eurolines buses arrive at and depart from the ZOB. Check their excellent website for trips to Neuschwanstein and the Romantic Road.

Bus Information

Central Bus Station Munich (Hackerbrücke, Ludwigvorstadt, Munich, 80355. ZOB is about 800 m from the main station along Arnulfstrasse; if traveling by S-bahn, it's adjacent to Hackerbrücke S-bahn station. 089/4520–9890.

Touring Eurolines (DTG-Ticket-Center München, Hackerbrücke 4, ZOB, Ludwigvorstadt, Munich, 80335. 089/8898–9513.