• Schwabing and Maxvorstadt

    Some of the finest museums in Europe are in lower Schwabing and Maxvorstadt, particularly the Kunstareal (Art Quarter),... Read More
  • Royal Munich

    From the modest palace of the Alter Hof, the Wittelsbachs expanded their quarters northward, away from the jumble... Read More
  • Dachau

    Dachau predates Munich, with records going back to the time of Charlemagne. It's a handsome town, too, built on... Read More
  • Starnbergersee

    Starnbergersee was one of Europe's first pleasure grounds. Royal coaches were already trundling out from Munich... Read More
  • Ammersee

    Ammersee, or the Peasants' Lake, is the country cousin of the better-known, more cosmopolitan Starnbergersee (the... Read More
  • Landshut

    If fortune had placed Landshut south of Munich, in the protective folds of the Alpine foothills, instead of the... Read More
  • City Center

    Munich's Old Town (Altstadt) has been rebuilt so often over the centuries that it no longer has the homogeneous... Read More