Open Hours

Don’t expect round-the-clock shopping in Germany; most shops are only open until 8 pm, and nearly all of the major shops, excluding restaurants, tourist retailers, and transportation operators are closed on Sunday. There are the occasional Sunday shopping days—on two Advent Sundays and near important events—when the stores open on Sunday afternoon for several hours.

Cash or Credit

Visitors should keep in mind that credit card usage is not as common in Germany as it is elsewhere. Although it's becoming more widely accepted, especially in luxury fashion stores and large international chains, many stores don't accept credit cards and in smaller boutiques and shops, you should expect to pay in cash.


Berlin’s many antique- and flea markets offer another option when looking for vintage, secondhand, and unique items. Along with brunch, flea markets are another perennial Sunday staple in Berlin, and this town has one of them to suit every disposition.

Top Souvenirs

Favorite souvenirs to buy in Berlin include anything with the Brandenburger Tor or Fernsehturm motif; Buddy Bears, which come painted in a variety of colors and themes; and items decorated with the Monopoly-look-alike red-and-green Ampelmännchen. And always looking to reinvent itself, the city sponsored a souvenir competition contest in 2013, encouraging creative designs to represent the city’s unique spirit. For something with a bit more historical weight, look for GDR-era souvenirs from one of the few shops that still stocks items made in the former East.