There are no big hotels with swimming pools or fancy facilities on Maupiti, nor are there any restaurants (beyond one small snack bar) on the island. The best (and most economical) option is to go with a Modified American plan (aka half board or "demi-pension") or all-inclusive (aka full-board package) at a pension.

Pensions are small, with no more than seven bungalows apiece; some only have one or two fares (another name for bungalow). The best of these are located on the motu as these long islands also have the best beaches. If you're staying on the main island, it's quite easy to get a boat transfer over to a motu and vice versa. Only a handful of pensions have bathrooms with hot water; even fewer have TVs in the room or air-conditioning.


  • Pension Marau

    Pension Marau

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