Ferries linking France and the United Kingdom cross the Channel in about 90 minutes; popular routes connect Boulogne and Folkestone, Le Havre, and Portsmouth, and—the most booked passage—Calais and Dover. groups the websites for several operators to make reservations more streamlined. P&O European Ferries has 23 sailings a day between Dover and Calais; My Ferry Link also serves the route, with up to 16 sailings a day.

The driving distance from Calais to Paris is 290 km (180 miles). The fastest routes to Paris from each port are via N43, A26, and A1 from Calais and the Channel Tunnel; and via N1 from Boulogne.


Direct Ferries. 08–92–23–08–58;

My Ferry Link. 08–11–65–47–65;

P&O European Ferries. 03-66–74-03-25; 08–25–12–01–56;