Local bus services are extensive; where the biggest private companies, Les Rapides de Bourgogne and TRANSCO, do not venture, the national SNCF network often does. One top choice is TRANSCO's No. 44 bus through the Côte d'Or wine region, which links Dijon to Beaune (1 hr) via Vougeot (40 mins) and Nuits-St-Georges (47 mins), with a €1.50 fare per leg. Popular Les Rapides de Bourgogne bus routes connect Auxerre to Chablis (45 mins) and Sens (2 hrs), with all trips priced at €2.50. Inquire at the local tourist office for timetables and ask your hotel concierge for further recommendations.

Bus Information

Les Rapides de Bourgogne. 3 rue des Fontenottes, Auxerre, 89000. 03–86–94–95–00;

TRANSCO. Gare Routière, Rue Perrières, Dijon, 21000. 03–80–42–11–00;