• Nuits-St-Georges

    Wine has been made in Nuits-St-Georges since Roman times; its "dry, tonic, and generous qualities" were recommended... Read More
  • Autun

    One of the most richly endowed villes d'art in Burgundy, Autun is a great draw for fans of both Gallo-Roman and... Read More
  • Ancy-le-Franc

    It may be strange to find a textbook example of the Italian Renaissance in Ancy-le-Franc, but in mid-16th-century... Read More
  • Montbard

    Attractions in this modest town on the banks of the Brenne River include an Ursuline convent that’s been converted... Read More
  • Sens

    Pretty Sens enjoys a "four-leaf" ranking as a ville fleurie, or floral city—and you’ll understand why when you... Read More
  • Auxerre

    Auxerre is an evocative, architecturally interesting town with a trio of imposing churches perched above the Yonne... Read More
  • Troyes

    The inhabitants of Troyes would be dismayed if you mistook them for Burgundians. After all, Troyes is the historic... Read More
  • Cluny

    The village of Cluny is legendary for its medieval abbey, once the center of a vast Christian empire. Although... Read More
  • Saulieu

    Saulieu's reputation belies its size: it's renowned for good food (Rabelais, that roly-poly 16th-century man of... Read More
  • Chateau de Sully

    This magnificent château is landmarked by four lantern-top corner towers that loom over a romantic moat filled... Read More
  • Vezelay

    In the 11th and 12th centuries Vézelay was one of the most important places of pilgrimage in the Christian world.... Read More
  • Dijon

    You may never have been to Dijon but you've certainly tasted it. Many of the gastronomic specialties that originated... Read More
  • Beaune

    Beaune is sometimes considered the wine capital of Burgundy because it is at the heart of the region's vineyards,... Read More
  • Chablis

    The pretty village of Chablis is poised amid the hillside vineyards that produce its famous white wine on the banks... Read More
  • Tanlay

    Built along the banks of the Canal de Bourgogne, Tanlay is a sleepy village that’s best known for the Renaissance-style... Read More
  • Clos de Vougeot

    The reason to come to Vougeot is to see its grange viticole (wine-making barn) surrounded by its famous vineyard—a... Read More