Although crime rates in Prague are relatively low, this is a major city, and travelers should exercise the usual precautions. For starters, that means being careful at night—even when visiting spots that seem safe by day. Prostitutes and drug dealers can make parts of Wenceslas Square feel sketchy after dark, and stag parties comprised of rowdy beer-addled lads can appear anywhere.

Regardless of the hour, be wary of pickpockets at crowded sites (like the Charles Bridge) and on public transit (the Number 22 tram, being popular with tourists, is a favorite among the sticky fingered). To be on the safe side, always keep your hands on purses, backpacks, cameras, and such, rather than leaving them placed beside you.

Distribute cash, credit cards, ID, and other valuables between a deep front pocket, an inside jacket or vest pocket, and a discreet money pouch—please, no in-your-face fanny packs. Don’t rifle in that pouch or flash wads of cash once you’re in public. If you need an ATM top-up, choose a machine inside a bank building. One further tip: Ignore those ubiquitous guys offering to exchange currency at great rates on the street unless you want to end up with worthless bills.