San José's public bus stations are all in sketchy neighborhoods. Always take a taxi to and from them. Even better: use air-conditioned minivan shuttles operated by Grayline and Interbus instead of buses to travel between the capital and key tourist destinations.

City buses are cheap (40¢–60¢) and easy to use. For Paseo Colón and La Sabana, take buses marked "Sabana–Cementerio" from stops at Avenida 2 between Calles 5 and 7 or Avenida 3 next to the post office. For Los Yoses and San Pedro, take the various "San Pedro" buses from Avenida Central between Calles 9 and 11.

Bus Terminals

Gran Terminal del Caribe. C. Central, Avda. 13, Barrio Tournón, San José, 10102.

Terminal Atlántico Norte. C. 12, Avda. 9, Barrio La Merced, San José, 10102.

Terminal Coca-Cola. Avda. 1, C. 16, Barrio La Merced, San José, 10102.

Terminal San Ramón. C. 16, Avda. 12, Barrio La Merced, San José, 10102.

Terminal Tracopa. C. 5, Avda. 20, Barrio El Pacífico, San José, 10104. 2221–4214.

Shuttle Companies

Grayline. 2220–2126; 800/719–3905;

Interbus. 2283–5573;